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Wow, isn’t this red gorgeous. I sourced the red plastic from a shampoo bottle, cut the petal discs, and embossed the petals to add a little life. The back of the brooch is recycled sterling silver that I gave a patina of black.  The center is copper, You can’t see the copper, because is supports the center beadwork, is attached to the sterling back, and the petal discs are beaded around and over everything. It got a bit complex, even for me, but in the end turned out amazing. Single-use plastic made beautiful.

Width: 3.25”  Height: 3.25”  Depth: .75”

Wild & Free Upcycled Brooch

  • Second Use upcycled plasic from shampoo botttle, copper, recycled sterling silver, Japanese seed beads, and pearls.

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