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Luscious indigo petals with sage green veils stack on three pierced sterling silver leaves that peek out from behind the petals to create a statement making brooch. Shooting out above the petals is a bouquet of orange flowers that seem to wave in a breeze. The brooch is a little large, but who would want it smaller? It is bright in color, but it would not be as eye catching. It is well made despite being created with single use plastic. The indigo petals were sourced from vitamin bottles out of a recycle bin. The way it is constructed elevates the material to a valued level. Wear this brooch and you affirm that not all recycle needs to be recycled. There is a second use.
W: 2.75 H: 2.75 D: .75

Tres Petals Brooch

  • The back is pierced recycled sterling silver. The Blue petals were sourced from plastic vitamin bottles, cut and formed. The stamin has sterling silver wire core with Japanese seed beads providing color. The petal vein embellishment is Japanese seed beads stitched to the plastic.

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