Jewelry Making Techniques That I Teach

I've been teaching jewelry making for twelve years. I have made a great deal of effort to keep things fresh, introducing new ideas and techniques all of those twelve years. Because of this, I can teach a lot of different techniques, and projects. I invite you to look 


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at the many things I can teach you, get in touch with me, and set up a time to learn one or more of these techniques. Contact via e-mail. I live in St. Charles, MO, one of the many cities that make up the St. Louis metropalitan area. Because I work out of my 

studio, I can generally work around your schedule, and time needs. I love a road trip, and like to take short trips to midwestern cities to teach at bead stores, art center, jewelry making guilds, or bead events. Please feel free to contact me.

Wire Work

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Peyote Cuff with Crystal Crust

Playing with pattern while using the Peyote Stitch is an age old tradition that you can now include in you jewelry making. Use the colors in the photo or pick out five of your favorites and let’s do the odd count peyote stitch. We will make about an inch of peyote and then go to the edge and create the crystal crust. As a bonus, I will also teach how to make the wire hook closer, that make this cuff totally handmade jewelry.