"New Bloom" is showing hope for the future. A complex statement necklace exemplifies the complex world we live in. The flower focal is copper colored with PrismaColor pencil, a sterling silver base and intricate beadwork center. Surrounding the metal pendant are flower shaped beaded beads. A beadwork rope completes the necklace repeating the hopeful colors; lime green, orange, deep blue, and ivory. In the final assembly olive green Jade beads are used to spice up the design. A sterling silver box closure hold the necklace together securely.
L: 28”  W: 3”  D: .75”

New Bloom Necklace

  • Handmade sterling silver pendant backing and half daisy box closure. The blue/orange focal pendant is copper colored with Prisma colored pencils. The flowers around the focal are created from Czech glass dager beads. The rope moving away from the focal is Japanese seed beads and Czech glass drop beads.

  • The pendant backing and box closure are sterling silver that can tarnish. Store the necklace in a cloth or Ziploc type bag between wearing. This will protect the sterling from the atmosphere that causes the surface to oxidize. Very occasionally spritz the entire necklace with Windex, rub around so all surfaces are covered, and rinse thoroughly. Rinse some more to ensure that there is no residue from the Windex and let air dry completely. Return to the cloth or Ziploc type bag when the necklace is thoroughly dry. All jewelry requires some care to maintain its beauty.