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This dazzling necklace is a showstopper. Crafted with agate druzy stone beads in black and velvet red Czech glass beaded beads, it is sure to make a statement. The patinated sterling silver chain is the perfect complement, finished with an oversized lobster claw clasp. Wear it day or night to add a touch of glamour to any ensemble.

L: 20" W: 0.75″ W: .75"

Dazzle Necklace

  • The lobster claw and chain is sterling silver. The bead elements are druzy quartz, Czech glass beads, and super duo beads.

  • The chain and lobster claw closure are sterling silver that can tarnish. Store the necklace in a cloth or Ziploc type bag between wearing. This will protect the sterling from the atmosphere that causes the surface to oxidize. Very occasionally spritz the entire necklace with Windex, rub around so all surfaces are covered, and rinse thoroughly. Rinse some more to ensure that there is no residue from the Windex and let air dry completely. Return to the cloth or Ziploc type bag when the necklace is thoroughly dry. All jewelry requires some care to maintain its beauty.

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