Daisy Chain has the everyday wear ability we all need in our busy lives. A pop of color with a red daisy is joined by the neutral colors of black, white, and silver. There are three beaded beads created from Czech glass dagger beads. There is a front hook closure hiding under a sterling silver half daisy in the central daisy bunch. The sterling silver half daisy has been hand cut and formed by the artist concealing an oversized hook for an easy on and off. Everything is brought together with a sterling silver chain.

L: 22” W: 1.5” D: .65”

Daisy Chain Necklace

  • Handmade sterling silver half daisy hook and the beaded bead elements are created from Czech glass mini daggers, small daggers, and large daggers.

  • The chain and hook closure are sterling silver that can tarnish. Store the necklace in a cloth or Ziploc type bag between wearing. This will protect the sterling from the atmosphere that causes the surface to oxidize. Very occasionally spritz the entire necklace with Windex, rub around so all surfaces are covered, and rinse thoroughly. Rinse some more to ensure that there is no residue from the Windex and let air dry completely. Return to the cloth or Ziploc type bag when the necklace is thoroughly dry. All jewelry requires some care to maintain its beauty.

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