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This is a One-of-a Kind brooch. The brooch was crafted as a talisman to safeguard the wearer as they meet the energies around them. Carefully chosen words are embossed into the metal; kindness, wonder, joy, grace, honesty, and empathy. Prismacolor pencil is applied to fix the words in time in the copper. A miniature sterling silver vase becomes the back to the brooch and provides the mechanism for attachment. This Brooch clears an energetic path for the wearer in the here and now and provides a secret protection and confidence for the wearer.

Width: 2.25"  Depth: .65"

Daisey Shield Brooch

  • The daisy flower is created out of sheet copper, shaped by chasing and repousse',  and colored with Prismacolor pencils. The center of the flower is elbellished with Japanese seed beads. The back of the brooch is pierced sterling silver with sterling pin back.

  • Wipe with a soft cloth occasionally. Spritz with Windex very occasionally and rinse thoroughly if you feel they need a deep cleaning. Be sure to rinse and rinse again to remove any residue from the Windex. Store the brooch in a cloth or Ziploc type bag between wearing. All jewelry requires some care to maintain its beauty.

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