Putting on this statement bracelet will be a no brainer while you are getting ready for all of your upcoming get togethers. It literally goes with everything, adds a classy touch to jeans and a top, and gets you all of the compliments. The bracelet is made of beaded beads of many varieties created with Czech glass beads and Chinese crystals. Not one beaded bead is the same, so there is an abundance of texture and visual interest.

     If you need a size adjustment add one week onto the shipping time. For an accurate size, measure your wrist at the point where you prefer the bracelet to ride when worn. I will add a little more to that measurement so it is comfortable and allows for the volumne of the beaded beads in this bracelet.
Dimensions: L: 8.5” W: 1.25” D: .75”

Black Gold Bracelet

SKU: KBS5353
  • The toggle is brass. Brass will gain a dull glow over time. To keep the toggle bright and shiney, store the bracelet in a Ziploc type bag between wearing. This will protect the brass from the atmosphere that causes the surface to oxidize. Occasionally spritz the entire bracelet with Windex, rub around so all surfaces are covered, and rinse thoroughly. Rinse some more to insure that there is no residue from the Windex. Air dry 24 hours. The Windex procedure will remove the oils from you skin that can cause oxidization and the frequency will depend on how often you wear your bracelet. Return to the Ziploc type bag. This will keep the brass bright and shiny. If you prefer a patina look, store where the air gets to the bracelet and occasionally polish with a polishing square (included in your packaging) and the lower areas will naturally darken and you determine how shiny the high spots are with how much you rub. All jewelry requires some care to maintain its beauty.

    I guarantee my jewelry for one year with normal wear. Please think about it and don't engage in vigorous exercise or sporting games while wearing your jewelry. Most jewelry loves calm activity. Most of the beads I use are glass. If dropped on hard surfaces (concrete, ceramic, stone) those beads can break. I will do my best to repair damage, but there will be a charge for the supplies and my time.

    If you loss it I cannot replace that. With a lost earring I will try to duplicate if I still have that same bead or beads and we will discuss a fair value payment for the one earring.

    Exchanges can be made for an item of equal or lesser value, but the original item must be returned in its original condition before the exchange will be sent. I determine what original condition is. Value adjustments will be made if you are owed money in the exchange.

    If you are not happy with your item please feel free to return is at your expense. Any returns must be in absolute original condition before money is returned. I want you to be happy with what you purchase from my shop. Once I receive the returned item I will refund your payment and your credit card or pay pal will be credited.


    **The item or items will be in a sturdy container, box or bubble wrap envelop, to insure that shipments arrive in good condition.

    **All items will be shipped within three days of notice of payment from PayPal. In the US the package should arrive within 3-5 days. There are exceptions to this arrival time around the holidays, so be sure to order early during high volume periods.

    **Shipments will be made to the address collected in the purchase form unless otherwise state. Be sure to give me that other address in the comments area of your order if you desire shipment to a different address than your address.

    **I will use delivery confirmation upon request and can add your email address to the post office tracking so you will get email updates on the progress of your package.

    **If you order more than one item, it will be combined into one pack.

    **Custom orders can take up to a month to complete but I will be in contact with you throughout the creation process via e-mail and let you know when it is shipped.


    ^Next day shipping. (Talk to me via Email or "note to seller")

    ^Delivery Confirmation. (Talk to me via Email or "note to seller")

    ^International Shipping. (Out of US)

      ~~International Orders will be sent First Class (no insurance available) if under $25 and lightweight.

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