Putting on this statement bracelet will be a no brainer while you are getting ready for all of your upcoming get togethers. It literally goes with everything, adds a classy touch to jeans and a top, and gets you all of the compliments. The bracelet is made of beaded beads of many varieties created with Czech glass beads and Chinese crystals. Not one beaded bead is the same, so there is an abundance of texture and visual interest.

     If you need a size adjustment add one week onto the shipping time. For an accurate size, measure your wrist at the point where you prefer the bracelet to ride when worn. I will add a little more to that measurement so it is comfortable and allows for the volumne of the beaded beads in this bracelet.
Dimensions: L: 8.5” W: 1.25” D: .75”

Black Gold Bracelet

SKU: KBS5353
  • The toggle is Brass and it can darken. If the toggle does darken a polishing square is included to polish. Store the necklace in a cloth or Ziploc type bag between wearing. This will protect the brass from the atmosphere that causes the surface to oxidize. Very occasionally spritz the entire bracelet with Windex, rub around so all surfaces are covered, and rinse thoroughly. Rinse some more to ensure that there is no residue from the Windex. Air dry thoroughly and return to the cloth or Ziploc type bag. All jewelry requires a little care to maintain its beauty.

  • The handmade toggle is created from brass. The beaded beads are created from Czech glass beads in various shapes and Chinese crystals.